Easter Scorpion Solitaire

Don't get stung this Easter by Easter Scorpion Solitaire! A challenging, fun, strategic game, based on Spider Solitaire gameplay, this game will have you clamoring for more!

The goal of Easter Scorpion Solitaire is to stack cards of the same suit in descending order, starting from King down to Ace, to eliminate it from the playing board, just like in Spider Solitaire. When you eliminate all the stacks of cards, thus eliminating all the cards on the board, you win!

Any and all stacks can be moved at any time, regardless of what cards are in the stack. No cards go inactive. Cards can be placed on any other card, regardless of suit/color, as long as it is in descending order. The thing that makes Scorpion Easter Solitaire so hard is that only Kings can be placed in the open slots at any particular time.

Stuck? Use the stock button to add three more cards into the mix, to help out your game. Strategize the whole time and you'll be on your way to beating the most difficult solitaire games out there, only from Solitaire Easter.com!


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